How did you get away from the life style you were in?

I had to view God as a real God who loved me for me. I had to know that it was okay for me to approach the throne and He still had grace and mercy for me. That He really forgave me for all that I did and didn’t do but was done to me.
I had to get into the word and believe the word of God about what it says about me. I had to understand that I am created in His image. I am a chose royal priesthood, a holy nation. I had to know my identity was in Christ and not in drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, and what men said about me.
I had to understand that just because I made a bad choice or the wrong path didn’t mean God gave up on me. He never gave up on me and used a tragic circumstance to show me that He was, is and always will be there for me. While I lay on the floor in a ball of tears begging for Him to spare my mom’s life he was sparing mine. He started my renewal at the very moment. I always say that God will turn to good what the enemy meant for evil. I don’t just say it to say it. I say it because I lived it and walk it out.



  I was speaking with a friend this Easter Sunday about what family is to each of us. To me family is my immediate family like my Husband, kids, and the cat. We also have extended family which is our church family, some closer then others but still family. I was always told you can pick an choose your friends but you can’t pick and choose your family. I have to say in my case they are sadly mistaken to think I couldn’t pick and choose my family. Sometimes our blood family just doesn’t work out for us. I always describe it as a round peg trying to fit in a square hole. It’s just impossible to get it in but sometimes we continue to try.

Our view of what a family is can be misrepresented by what society says should be the norm. I see family as loving, always supportive, accepting of all members no matter how they were brought into your family and having your back no matter what. I  unfortunately was not given that opportunity and choose to walk away. Sometimes we choose to leave out of fear, anger, and rejection. I’m no longer fearful, I’m no longer angry and rejection has no hold on me. I’m saddened that at this moment there is no way to reconcile but I know God has a plan and one day we will.

I choose the life style I live but a friend of mine didn’t. She is actually on the receiving end of it. Her one and only immediate family member chose to walk away. Unlike me, her sibling never wrote a letter explaining her decision she just chooses to take stabs randomly making sure her sister stays as far away as possible. This has really made me stop and choose my words carefully about the situation. Things like, she’s running, or she’s angry came to mind but what stuck out the most is she’s hurting just like her sister but chooses a different way of dealing with it. This circles back to my quote ” God gave us a free will and we all make choices good and bad. We ultimately  have to deal with our choices ”

Thank you Jesus I am happy, whole and full of the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Special Ed PE

That’s right Special Ed PE, there really was one and I was in it and was convinced I would never get anywhere past that in the fitness world. As a matter of fact I was in special ed for everything from the time I was in fourth grade till I quit my Senior year of High School, not that I needed to be, but my mother needed me to be. One of the many disfuntional things from my so called childhood. I have since then read the definition and requirements to be placed into special ed and am blown away that I was ever considered for it. I’m pretty sure they were basing it off of my mothers physiological issues and not mine.

Today day I finally seen I can get past it and in a big way. I have taken up the sport of Kickboxing and I kicked it’s butt today. I have bought some in-home workout programs a few years ago and have done very well with them. I lost weight and became very fit and kept up with the instructors after a week or two, but I still failed to give myself the credit due to me. Last Friday I went to the Kickboxing class for the first time and I was so excited that I shot out of the shoot way to fast and burned out about twenty minutes before the class was over. This week I made sure I paced myself and needless to say I kept up for the most part with the instructor and my friend who had invited me.

Tonight I look back and thank God that He never left and was always there for me. That even at my age I’m still healing and learning from the things of my past and remembering that they are my past and not my future. Little by little God walks me through each of my wounds and in a way that I never have to focus on them but on Him. As I get older I start to look at myself and see why I do the things I do. Doing this has given more of a understanding for young people who are in the similar positions I was in as a kid. My childhood was far from perfect closer to messed up but God has bigger plans for me then the world did and I pray everyday that I live out my life the way God plans it.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11